The City Baths


Fitness & Longevity

Northumberland Rd,
Newcastle. NE1 8SG

The City Baths

The City Baths Newcastle is a historic leisure facility located in the heart of Newcastle. The facility originally opened in 1928 and was fully restored and reopened in 2018, retaining many of its original features and architectural details. The City Baths offers a wide range of activities, including swimming lessons, aqua classes, and gym facilities. The gym is well-equipped with modern equipment, and members can also take advantage of personal training sessions.

The City Baths is known for its stunning Victorian Turkish Baths, which provide a unique and relaxing experience for members. The facility also offers a variety of spa treatments and relaxation areas, making it the perfect place to unwind and destress.

Overall, The City Baths Newcastle is a popular destination for those looking for a mix of modern and historic leisure facilities, combined with exceptional spa and relaxation amenities.